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Innovative Library Service Models in the Modern Era of Cloud Computing: A Study

Shivaleela, S. Kalyani, V. Bharathi


Cloud computing is a new trend today. The entire library system depends on cloud computing, which also benefits libraries in this era. Cloud computing requires a variety of abilities and offered brand new service models for both fundamental and IT-related tasks around the internet. (Rakesh, 2017) It is the most important item for library users and also plays a crucial function in the key area of libraries and library professionals. I have concentrated on new library service models in the current cloud computing era in this post. (Nagalakshmi et al., 2013) being a new technology, it has generated a lot of interest in library service models, collections, and systems that will be moved into the cloud. (Maitra and Mudholkar, 2011) Many libraries are turning more and more to cloud computing. It also explains the merits and demerits. The goal of this study may be useful in identifying and creating ideas for future cloud computing deployment in library and library service models in the contemporary period. (Kaushik et al., 2013)

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