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Information Seeking Behaviour of Engineering Students in Tamil Nadu: A Study

Imtiaz Basha, P. Rani, K. Kannan, K. Chinnasamy


The major aim of this study was to find out the Information Seeking Behavior (ISB) of students from different disciplines of five engineering colleges, affiliated with Anna University located at Tirunelveli District. Tamil Nadu. India. A well-structured questionnaire was circulated to collect the needed information from various branches such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology and Civil Engineering, in order to meet the objectives of this research. The study reveals that the primarypurpose on seeking information by the respondents was to keep current and latest information by referring dailies as well asseeking informationto abreast in their subjectsto obtaineducational excellence.This study pinpoints that students were facing major problem on power supply (Electricity), computer facilities, and poor shelf arrangement. This research suggested that setting up the latest power instrumentations to have continuous power supply in the library andalso provide more number of updated systems with high compatibility of software.This research also recommended that documentsin the library should be arranged properly in the shelves to seek information easily and conveniently.

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