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Measuring the Service Quality in University Library: A Survey

D. Konappa, B. Renuka


This study examines the overall measuring the service quality of University Library System from users perspectives, as well as identifies the dimensions that determine the customers evaluation of service quality The concept of the SERVQUAL was applied to investigate which are the essential attributes that library managers should allocate the resource for good service quality. The modification of SERVQUAL questionnaires were distributed for data gathering. Several insight gained from this study shown that all users desired expectations are not met. The result of the study reveals that each user was treated differently. The six important dimensions in SERVQUAL viz., Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Access, Communication, and Tangibles, were extracted by simple percentile analysis method. The problems users encountered when involved in library service are counted manually and categorized into free categories. The most problematic is about insufficient and non update collection. Some useful recommendations are presented to improve service quality of university library system.

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