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Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK): Special Knowledge Type of Teacher for Effective Learning (Case Study of High School Mathematics` Teacher)



Realizing an effective teaching, a mathematics teacher should master the material of mathematics lesson that will be taught, the method of teaching, and the knowledge about the students. Every material of mathematics lesson has its own characteristics that it needs a specific knowledge of teacher to be success in teaching a particular topic. Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) is one kind of specific knowledge for teacher to help students to understand the lesson easily and to be success in learning. The objective of this research is to describe teacher`s PCK in mathematics learning of quadratic function material from the perspective of different teaching experience. The teaching experience is based on working life. The data are obtained through observation on teaching learning process of two senior high school teachers with different teaching experience namely one senior teacher and one novice teacher. The result of this study is the PCK of the two teachers in quadratic function learning is different. The senior teacher combines conceptual and procedural knowledge meanwhile the novice teacher tends to use procedural knowledge in constructing the students` understanding of quadratic function material.

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