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Information Literacy Practice among Public Library Users: A Study

K. Kumar


Public libraries emerged worldwide along with enhanced education, literacy, and publications. The present survey aims to know about the perception of users on information literacy resources, services and their practice among public library users. Seventy-nine members participated in the survey and the study revealed that, most of the library visitors are unemployed youth; 100% respondents visit library to read newspapers and magazines and 68.35% visit library to seek information about employment, reading-room service (65.82%) seems to be more frequently preferred library services for which a hierarchical cluster analysis made. The study found that users spend 30 minutes to 2 hours during each visit to library. Since majority of the respondents opine that inadequate ICT facility prohibit them from visiting library regularly, it is necessary to take innovative steps to attract public library users in order to explore their information literacy practice.

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