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An Assessment of Satisfaction of Research Scholars: A Case Study

K. Kannan, Imtiaz Basha, Sangeeta N Dhamdhere


The principal aim of the investigation of the study was to assess the satisfaction of Research Scholars at one of the central library of University located in Tamil Nadu. India. The prime concern to any library is to cater the needs of its users in an efficient way in order to satisfy them with utmost care. Based on this, authors carried out the achievable objectives to bring the better and concrete results from the study. The study brought the purposes of using the library and also it reveals the level of usage by Research Scholars. Data were collected through questionnaire and the same was tabulated and graphed in a lucid manner. Likert method has been applied to find the level of users’ satisfaction. This research study has provided the most possible ways to improve the users’ satisfaction by revealing their problems and has provided some better out comes with achievable and measurable suggestions.

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