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Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment Among Librarians: A Case Study

Ngozi Blessing Ossai-Ugbah, CLN


This was a case study on job satisfaction and organisational commitment among librarians. It adopted a descriptive survey design. The study consisted of thirty one (31) librarians. The study adopted a random sampling method to generate data through the use of questionnaires. The study found out that a high level of job satisfaction among librarians with a combined response of 72%. Co-worker (94%) and Work/Job (85%) were two factors that determined job satisfaction for librarians. It also found a satisfactory level of organizational commitment among librarian with a combined response of 55%. The only significant characteristics of organizational commitment among librarians is affective commitment (83%), with continuance commitment characteristic (29%) and normative commitment characteristics (44%). The study concluded that there is statistically significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment among librarians.

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