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Relational analysis of SJR and H Index of 10 Library and Information Science Journals of Asia Pacific origin in 2015: A Quantitative Approach

Kousik Chatterjee


Ranking of journals and their prestige measures are very crucial for author, publisher and librarians specially in the time of financial crunch for proper selection, subscription and publication of paper. Paper concentrates on co relational and regression analysis of H index and SJR rank of 10 Library science journals from Asia pacific region in the year 2015.It also discussed regression analysis, scattered diagram, ranking of journals on the basis of spearman’s rank corelational coefficient. Central tendency, quartile range, skewness, kurtosis, Mean deviation etc are also discussed on the basis of observed data.Findings revealed that distribution (H index data set) shows positive skew and leptokurtic distribution with relatively high peak.

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