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The Impact of Workshops on the Adaptability of the Koha Library Management System in India

Amrutraj Ravi Benahal


Automation is not a new concept in the library sphere; many library management systems are being used across the world. Koha is an integrated library management system which stands out among other software mainly due to its rapidly growing user community and open source nature. While a few studies have looked at the adaptability of Koha in India, they have not been able to reveal its usage trends over a period of time. The current study aims to identify adaptability trends of Koha in India and assess the impact of workshops on its adaptability and use. LIS Forum postings (2007–2015) on Koha workshops and Koha Wiki (2016) have been analysed for this purpose. The study reveals that there is an increasing trend of Koha adaptability due to the positive impact of workshops on Koha adaptation and use.

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