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From Birth to Five: Students’ Perceptions toward Library Participation and Patronage of the Academic Library

Adamu Mohammed


The aim of this study is to examine whether the students’ perceptions toward library environment, peers, library services and library staff have an effect in contributing towards decreasing or increasing library participation and patronizing among undergraduate students in their Academic Library. To evaluate the students' perceptions about library participation and patronizing, four (4) scales were adopted and modified from Library Anxiety for the novelty of this study. A self-report questionnaire comprising the four (4) variables as well as demographic information was incorporated into the questionnaire. The findings from Mann Whitney U test and the Kruskal-Wallis test conducted on library environment, peers, library services, and library staff with Gender, Age and Department as independent variables did not show any statistically significant mean rank differences. The results showed a statistically significant mean positive relationship between library environment, library service, peers, and library staff. Thus, the null hypothesis was rejected. It is hoped that the BASUG main library and other academic libraries would adopt the recommendations revealed by this study as the study discovered a lack of awareness concerning library services and facilities as the major factors toward decreasing library patronage and participation. Fortunately, the library environment attracts the users for a subsequent visit to the library. These factors will help the academic library management to enable them to know their students’ perceptions towards library participation and patronage. Again, after changes, the students will be more use of the academic library and be effective in their course of studies.

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