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Indian Publications in The field of Spinal Cord Injury Literature (2008-2017): A Bibliometric Study

J. Ramakrishnan, M. Meena, K. Thavamani


This paper presents a bibliometric study of Indian Publications in the field of Spinal Cord Injurycovered in the bibliographic database namely MEDLINE which are covered in PubMed.The literature covered in the database for the period 2008-2017 was considered. MEDLINE covered the maximum of 602 records during the study period.Maximum records were covered by Journal Articles (79.40%). Out of a total 602 records, all of them were in English language forming 100% of the total. The Relative Growth Rate (RGR) hasshown in decreasing trend and the Doubling Time (DT) has shownanincreasing trend when calculated by year wise except few years where it is different. The results of the Activity Index showed that Indian efforts in Spinal Cord Injuryresearch were greater in 6 years out of 10 years of the study period. Only onejournalwas covered to supply one-third of the cited records for zone-1. Core Indian journals in the field of Spinal Cord Injury were identified. The most frequently cited journal articleswerecovered by Neurologysubject Journals with 43.75%,followed by General Medicine, Orthopedics and Surgery.

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