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Impact of ICT on Reading Culture of Students in Institutions of Higher Learning.

V.O. Emmanuel, E. Anele


The focus of this paper is on the impact of ICT on reading culture of students in institutions of higher learning. One of the definitions given to reading habit is that it is the frequency of reading, and the average time spent on reading materials. It was noted that one interesting legacy to hand down to students is teaching them to become life-long learners through reading and love of books. It was stated that the introduction of ICT, internet, home videos, smart phones and other electronic gadgets have helped to erode reading culture amongst students. This study concentrated more on smartphones. It was noted that ever since the advent of internet, the habit of reading books have been on the decline, chatting became the in-thing. Negative Impacts of Smart Phone Usage by Students during Lectures were outlined among others are: Poor grammar, Reduced Concentration on Academic Activities, etc. It was Concluded that ICTs have come to stay with us but what we make of them will determine the impact they will have on us especially students.

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