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Barriers for Effective Implementation of Information Literacy Programmes at Engineering College Libraries: A Case Study

Vijay Pattar, B.D. Kumbar, Satish Kanamadi, Jayadev H. Kadli, Gururaj S. Hadagali


In this study, involving the information literacy programmes being provided at the engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai, India, authors have tried identify the barriers in implementing the information literacy programmes. This study aims at understanding the information literacy programmes at the libraries of engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai, India. Study revealed that the majority of libraries are providing the information literacy programmes and also the availability of electronic resources has increased the necessity of information literacy programmes among engineering colleges. These libraries are facing some major barriers in implementing the information literacy, notable among them are absence of properly designed curriculum on information literacy, lack of skilled manpower, and low learning motivation of the students.

The significance of this study is that it helps in eliminating the barriers for implementing information literacy programmes at these libraries. It is assumed that by designing an advanced curriculum for information literacy, by taking measures to increase the interest of students in information literacy programmes and undergoing advanced training for themselves in information literacy, the librarian will be able to overcome these barriers and implement the information literacy programmes successfully in their respective colleges.

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