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It Skills of Women Library Professionals in Technical Libraries

S. R. Sudhambika


Technological library is an electronic library in which collections are stored in electronic format. The new technologies have facilitated the transformation of data into electronic format and to satisfy user need for management access storage and manipulation of the variety of information stored in the collection of material in the electronic form. For today’s libraries have advancement of information and communication technology, has forced to bring changes in the library function such as automation and online access. Management and technology in library services indicates the growth of knowledge management in libraries. Women library professionals started migrating to become knowledge professionals. So they definitely require maintaining standards of excellence to develop professional knowledge and skills, and a need to produce the vision to translate core values of today and tomorrow’s information world. This paper elucidates the IT skills needed for women library professionals, its objectives, and skills in various services of electronic library and its findings and suggestions. Its main aim is to give right information to the right user at the right time.

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