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Influence of Demographic and Environmental Variables on Internet Use By Students of University Of Ilorin, Nigeria



This study evaluated the influence of demographic and environmental factors on the use of Internet for research by undergraduate and postgraduate students of University of Ilorin. The study ascertained the environmental and demographic factors that determine the use of Internet by the students. The study further determined the relevance and adequacy of Internet resources for research activity and the extent of satisfaction of the students with Internet resources.

Data for the study was collected with the aid of questionnaire administered on the students. A total of 235 copies of questionnaire were administered to the students out of which only 209 were returned with useful responses.

The study revealed that both demographic and environmental factors determine the extent of use of Internet by the students. Age (B=.053) and Competence level (B=.000) were identified as demographic variables that has a direct influence on Internet use by the students while ICT development project in Institution (B=.678), Internet environment (B-.530), reliable Internet connectivity (B=.405) and adequate vendor support (B= .319) were identified as environmental variables that have a direct and positive influence on Internet use by the students. The study specifically established a direct relationship between students’ computer competency level and Internet use. Also, the study established direct relationships among reliable internet connection, adequate vendor support, Internet environment and ICT development project in institutions and Internet use by the students. The study recommended adequate orientation on the content, adequacy and relevance of the Internet resources to the academic and research activities of the students and that the cost of the Internet should be made affordable to the students.

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