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Usage of Electronic Information Sources and Services By Users At Mahatma Gandhi Central Library IIT Roorkee: A Case Study

Sunil Tyagi


Purpose: The present study sought to study the user awareness and perception of using different types of electronic information resources by the faculty, research scholars, post graduate students and under graduate students; to analyze the different purposes for which the EIS is used by the respondents and to assess current user characteristics associated with use of online resources and databases at the IIT Roorkee Library.

Methodology and Design: The study is based on questionnaire method. A questionnaire was distributed among the faculty, research scholars, and post graduate students and under graduate students to collect desired data.

Findings: A total of 400 questionnaires were distributed to the selected sample for the year 2010-11; 387 valid samples were collected and analyzed. The result showed a growing interest in online journals among the users at IIT Roorkee Library. The survey showed that majority of respondents marked that library possessed useful online journals and databases. Awareness among the users about the availability of online journals was found highly satisfactory. Online journals were mostly used for research needs. The EIS is better for accessing current and Comprehensive information. User’s perception of e-resources as a replacement for print in meeting their information needs to a very high extent: e-resources have become a substitute for printed materials.

Originality: While a large number of studies have measured the use of electronic journals and databases and have surveyed users, few studies have involved IIT Roorkee in their study. The present study tried to know the user awareness and perceptions of EIS.

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