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ICT Mediated Learning for Professional Development of Library Professionals

Kiran Tiwari


This study aims to investigate the information and communication technology (ICT) in libraries in India. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of ICT change on the management and operations of libraries. In this study we will focus holistically on the impact of ICT driven change on the library. Application of information and communication technologies in academic institutions in India has increased in the recent years. Information and Communication Technology has revolutionized the concept of libraries. Each and every library is slowly getting digitized. An ‘electronic library’ comprises e-collections, services and infrastructure to support lifelong learning, research, scholarly communication as well as preservation of our recorded knowledge. This article will discuss the uses of ICT in libraries. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has a very vast meaning and it has been dominating each and every aspect of this universe. Due to ICT only whole world has been become a global village and the other side ICT is accelerating information explosion, which leads to the problem of bibliographical control. But there are some tools, which can help us to manage these digital contents in a systematic order for use. The concept of digital library is very much suitable for information management. Effective application of ICT in libraries helps in performing their operations and services most efficiently. The modernization of libraries and information centers enabled information transfer and access, meeting objectives and there by establishes a network of libraries and information centers. This initiative saw a major shift in resource development, resource sharing and their utilization at various levels. They subscribe to e-journals, CD-ROM databases, online databases, web-based resources, and a variety of other electronic resources. They participate in library consortia and build digital libraries.

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