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Bibliometric Analysis of Literature Published in Emerald Publications on Digital Libraries

M. Chandrashekarai, K. R. Mulla, N. S. Harinarayana, Ramachandra


The present study is based on the Bibliometric analysis of digital libraries available in the Emerald databases from April 1991 to march 2009. The bibliographical details of each issue of the journal articles were downloaded from the Emerald database website and recorded onto a spread sheet with pre-designed columns. This study has undertaken total 454 articles published on digital libraries which are available in Emerald databas Maximum number of articles contributed by single author 307 (67.62%), USA takes first place with 145 articles (31.94%) followed by UK is takes second place with 27.09 percent. Electronic Library stands first rank among the published literature on digital library. Periodicals are sensitive indicators of the emerging new ideas in any discipline. A careful evaluation of periodical literature may indicate a complete picture of the discipline. It serves as a key to identify the research trends in the field. This study helps the librarian recognizing the core journals in the field by depicting the journals prepared by the authors for publication of their research results immediately.

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