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Marketing and Branding Practices Used by Polish LIS Education Centers

Anna Kawalec


This article focuses on marketing practices used in higher education institutions. The aim of the paper is to identify marketing symptoms, forms or methods implemented by polish centres that offer education in the field of Library and Information Science (LIS).
Realized research showed that the main marketing activity of polish LIS education centres focuses on branding. Institutes are concentrated on creating positive image to the public and showing their prestige using various marketing tools. Two main types of them are: marketing based on product (promotion of offered curriculums, the centre, staff, graduates) and marketing based on participation (presence in social media or offering range of events in order to strengthen the brand). Marketing tools also serve as a form of communication between different stakeholders of the institute or university.
It seems that marketing will play bigger role in making and maintaining relations with stakeholders of university and its importance will grow. Because of that, research in this area becomes more important and interesting.

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